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Week 2




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'Hello' said one cheeky monkey to the other.

On Monday the Midwife came around. Although Flynns eyes have been gunky from the start until now we had been told just to keep them clean with salted water. When the Midwife examined them we were told to go down to the doctors and get some antibiotic eye drops. When the midwife examined Alexs stitches she found that they were infected as well, so I took both down to the doctors for some drugs.

On Tuesday we went to register his birth at the registry office. He is now officially Flynn Lawrence Barnes.

On Wednesday the health visiter came around to see us and to look at Flynn. She was happy enough as Flynns eyes are clearing up nicely. No where nearly as gunky as they had been. Flynn is not amused by his drops but by running the tap water into a bowl distracts him into opening his eyes enough for me to put his drops in. Once the drops are in he quickly settles down as they are probably quite soothing once the initial shock is over.

On Thursday we had a day of rest.

On Friday the Midwife came around. She was happy with Flynns eyes, but Alexs stitches were still infected. She rang later to tell us that the swabs she had taken showed that the antibiotics prescribed would not be suitable and she would have to start another course of a different antibiotic. Today was very hot and I took Flynn out for a walk twice to try and cool him down.


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